Friday, January 20, 2012

Beginning a new project!

Greetings all!

If you are a reader of my blog, Cauldron Cottage, you must know how I feel about things that are handmade. I have been an Etsy artisan off and on for four years now. I love to make beautiful things that I can wear, look at, and consume, and I know that I'm not the only one.

As we enter 2012, I have set myself and my personal blog a number of goals and challenges. These are not only for my personal gain but also to inspire others to make themselves more ambitious, more handy, and more creative. Self-reliance is a great trait to have and my goal in my endeavors is to instill it in more Pagans.

I have attempted to bring a project like this to fruition many times and each format and previous incarnation has presented insurmountable problems. This time, however, my ideas are simple and execution of them should be as well. So here goes my pitch:

Are you an artisan, craftsperson, home-brewer, cook, herbalist, jeweler, gardener, or otherwise creative individual that enjoys sharing your ideas, advice, and creations with others? Are you also a member of a Pagan or earth-centered spiritual path? If so, I invite you to participate in writing and submitting content to this blog as a monthly or guest contributor.

I am currently seeking individuals who can submit one entry per month in the following categories: Food (Recipes), Crafts, Ritual Tools, Home Brew (Wine, Beer, or Liquor), Gardening, Decorating, and more. The content is key, here, and your subject matter should be created under the premise of your field but with a Pagan flair or with seasonal inspiration. Following a specific path or celebrating specific holy days is not a requirement. Diversity will be honored and celebrated. Content need not be about Paganism but should be an extension of topics that pertain to Pagans in their spiritual and everyday lives.

You would be required to come up with original content prior to the first of each month so entries can be edited for grammar and formatted for posting. Compensation cannot be provided at this time, but exposure, including linking to your own blog or website, as well as author bios, will be included with each of your entries. Your bio will also be found on a page devoted to our monthly contributors.

Individuals who wish to participate but are wary of submitting every month are welcome to inquire about guest posting. Guest contributors will also receive bios accompanying their posts. Our contributors page will feature links to their websites as well.

If you are interested in becoming either a monthly or guest contributor, please email with a sample of your writing or work (photos are a plus) and/or a link to your blog (links to specific posts that act as examples of your work would be a definite bonus). While I do not expect every contributor to have stunning photography, images will most likely be necessary with each post. A rudimentary understanding of digital photography and a decent camera are required.

For those interested in my publishing background, I was the editor of a music blog called the Wizrocklopedia which featured, at its prime, 20 contributors and received thousands of hits per day. I ran the site from 2006 until 2009. After handing it off to some of my staff, the only remnants of the site at the present time can be found here and here. I was also a photographer and photojournalist for The Inter-Mountain newspaper from 2008-2009, for which I won two awards.

I do not have plans to monetize this blog in the future, but have many ideas brewing about when it comes to providing contributors with more exposure and opportunity.

So, if you are interested or have any questions or concerns, please email me at!

More posts to come.
Lizz Clements
Cauldron Cottage